Easy Pronunciation Guide for Saxophone

Is it unsettling to imagine yourself entering a music supply store and mispronouncing a well-known instrument, such as the saxophone?

That is, until now.

I’ll save you the (seeming) shame of a lifetime and explain the simplest way to pronounce “saxophone” in two easy steps in this really brief tutorial.

This is how you say “saxophone”:
a) Divide the word “saxophone” into three sounds: “SAK,” “SUH,” and “FOHN.” Speak each word slowly and clearly, as quality work takes time.

b) After you are certain that you can pronounce each sound correctly, just combine the three sounds, “SAK+SUH+FOHN,” and practice saying it aloud until you are sure you won’t make a mistake.

Additionally, you may look at a few YouTubeEasy Pronunciation Guide for Saxophone

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